Un-leveraged synergies

Motley Fool | Where’s Your Kindle Now, Oprah?.

However, according to The Register, less than half of her monthly book club recommendations are presently available for the e-book reader. Winfrey magazines O and O at Home also aren’t available for the Kindle.

It seems that either Amazon wasn’t expecting the endorsement, or Oprah’s marketing people didn’t really take full advantage of the possibilities.  Her magazines aren’t available on the Kindle.  Most of the books on her book club aren’t available (Although that’s likely due in part to Amazon’s insistence on controlling the flow of books to its device).

The biggest winners here may be resellers on Ebay, who probably make a bigger profit on sales of the Kindle than Amazon does.

And the strangest part is that, despite the obvious demand for similar devices, no one has brought anything to market that really competes.  Even in this economy, there seems to be a lot of money left on the table that people would be willing to put towards ebooks and ebook readers, and no compelling (and avialable) products to meet the demand.