Using digital goods to sell your other content

When the time comes to sell infinitely copyable goods, like MP3s or ebooks, some try to legislate away anything that hurts the business.  Others, like iLearningGlobal, take advantage of manufacturing costs that go to nothing and work to sell scarce things.

Sales people and sales managers can learn how to sell, stay motivated and focused when they listen to MP3 and videos from legends in the sales industry, including Brian Tracy, Harv Eker, Scott Siebold and Mark Victor Hansen. New videos, ebooks, MP3s and articles are added each week. Each member can view as much material as they like, for one low, fixed price of only $79.95 per month.

They allow unlimited downloads of the things already created, where the production costs are already sunk.  Then they use that to encourage future payments for non-scarce goods, like custom training help and materials.  $80 a month seems pretty high, but this is the business world, where these costs are tax-deductible.

“If companies cannot find the time or resources to train their personnel, iLearningGlobal can step in to help,” Snow said. “Now there is no excuse for not training your sales people so companies can beat the recession.”

Neither the press release nor the website mention the costs for the custom training, but you can be sure it will be more than $80 a month.

From:  Sales Training Doesn’t Have to Suffer During Rough Times as Affordable Distance Learning Library Features Topics from Leading Sales Trainers.