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Chris Andrews, the Executive Producer of, is particularly excited about bringing together people who read ebooks into a new network, where they can learn, discuss, and have some fun. “I think it’s important that we remember that reading is fun. It’s fun whether it’s in a printed book or an ebook. And people love to discuss books. Let’s not let the “computer syndrome” hit us, where we make everything complicated. Keep it simple, this is a book, everyone knows what a book is. It’s been around for over 500 years.”

A lovely sentiment, and it really gets to the heart of the problem with ebook readers.  It is not that people are sitting around wishing for a new device to allow them to buy their beloved books all over again.  People are thinking, “I live in a world where information is increasingly digital, and my books remain mostly unchanged in 500 years.”

If we focus on what is great about books, and what we can add to them now that internet connections are everywhere new things are possible,  the ebook readers will come.

The new is hoping to do that.  They have a social network built on Ning that they’d like you to be a part of.  They have a blog.  And if they’re lucky, they’ll ride the coattails of the Amazon announcement rather than get buried by it.

Press release: Officially Opens – Invites Ebook Lovers and Neophytes Worldwide to Become Part of Growing Ebook Community.

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New site all about e-paper

Today, ( announced it is now available to the public. is a hub for news, analysis, information and discussion on all things relating to electronic paper. The site is also dedicated exclusively to delivering the newest, most up-to-date information about electronic paper’s nearly endless applications ranging from next generation newspapers, textbooks, signage and mobile devices, to more obscure applications such as windshield navigational displays.

Why anyone would put out a press release on Sunday is beyond me.  And doing it on Super Bowl Sunday is utterly insane.  But I’m not in marketing, so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

In any event, the site looks pretty slick, and they’ve got details on products that I wasn’t aware of, so definitely worth watching.

via Launches Dedicated Hub for E-Paper Developments.

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