How can an author make money when ebooks become the norm, and economic theory dictates that infinite goods should be free?

I have no idea.  But maybe we can figure it out. It turns out I do have an idea.  That idea is Manfred Macx.  You can click through for the site, but, in short, it’s a publishing platform that anyone can use to get their book out there, focusing on using your non-scarce content as incentive or promotion for fans to purchase scarce related goods.


I’m Jon Renaut.  I work as a software engineer doing government contracting.  I’ve been running a personal blog for about two and a half years, but I’ve been writing since I was three.  I love to read and I love gadgets, so it’s only natural that I’d put the two together.

I have to confess that I do not actually own an ebook reader.  I’ve never even touched one.  One day I’ll post about why this is.


I will respond to just about all the comments left at the blog that seem to be from a real human being and not a spam script.  Failing that, feel free to email me.